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Accepted Papers

  • The Solution Attractor Theory of Local Search System: The Traveling Salesman Problem Case
    Weiqi Li
  • Late Work and Early Work Scheduling on Parallel Machines
    Malgorzata Sterna
  • Evolutionary DVH-Evaluation for Beam Orientations in IMRT
    Ahmad-Saher Azizi-Sultan
  • Scheduling Monotone Moldable Jobs in Linear Time
    Klaus Jansen and Felix Land
  • RNA structure reparation with combinatorial algorithms
    Marta Szachniuk, Maciej Antczak and Tomasz Zok
  • Job scheduling with simultaneous assignment of machines and multi-skilled workers: a mathematical model
    Cinna Seifi and Jürgen Zimmermann
  • An IP-based algorithm for the metric dimension problem in hypercubes
    Alain Hertz
  • Clustered Spanning Tree - Conditions for Feasibility
    Michal Stern, Nili Guttmann-Beck and Zeev Sorek
  • The inverse p-maxian problems
    Mohammadreza Galavii
  • Multi-instalment divisible loads scheduling on heterogeneous hierarchical memory systems for time and energy criteria
    Jędrzej Marszałkowski, Maciej Drozdowski and Gaurav Singh
  • Minmax Scheduling and Due-Window Assignment with Position-Dependent Processing Times and Job Rejection
    Gur Mosheiov, Assaf Sarig and Vitaly Strusevich
  • The Heterogeneous Fleet Vehicle Routing Problem with Light Loads and Overtime: Formulation and Population Variable Neighbourhood Search with Adaptive Memory
    Gábor Nagy, Lina Simeonova, Niaz Wassan and Said Salhi
  • Rankings subsets of a set from a single ranking of its elements
    Mercedes Landete and Juan Francisco Monge
  • Polynomial subcases of the home health care routing and scheduling problem with fixed services
    Clea Martinez, Marie-Laure Espinouse and Maria Di Mascolo
  • Linear and quadratic reformulation techniques for nonlinear 0-1 optimization problems
    Elisabeth Rodriguez-Heck, Endre Boros and Yves Crama
  • Minmax Regret Maximal Covering Location Problems on Networks with Edge Demand
    Jörg Kalcsics and Antonio Rodríguez-Chía
  • Stopping Technique for Search-Based Combinatorial Optimization
    Yuval Cohen, Ran Etgar and Francesco Pilati
  • On the skeleton of the polytope of pyramidal tours with step-backs
    Andrei Nikolaev
  • Optil.io: Crowdsourcing Platform for Solving Optimization Problems
    Szymon Wasik, Maciej Antczak, Jan Badura, Artur Laskowski and Krzysztof Wędrowicz
  • Price of Fairness in Two-Agent Single-Machine Scheduling Problems
    Alessandro Agnetis, Bo Chen, Gaia Nicosia and Andrea Pacifici
  • An ILP-based improvement method for the travelling salesman problem
    Peter Greistorfer, Moritz Kettele and Rostislav Staněk
  • Meta-Heuristics for Multi-Period Sales Districting Problem
    Saranthorn Phusingha and Joerg Kalcsics
  • A unified framework for designing EPTAS's for load balancing on parallel machines
    Ishai Kones and Asaf Levin
  • Batched bin packing
    Leah Epstein
  • Integer Linear Programming methods for Group Steiner Tree and related problems
    Luka Borozan and Slobodan Jelić
  • RNA Pseudoknot Analysis: A Graph-Coloring Approach
    Tomasz Zok, Maciej Antczak, Michal Zurkowski, Mariusz Popenda, Jacek Blazewicz, Ryszard Adamiak and Marta Szachniuk
  • Broadcast domination in permutation graphs
    Eunjeong Yi
  • Minimum cost multicommodity network flow problem in dynamic networks with fuzzy parameters by decomposition methods
    Salman Khodayifar
  • Scheduling algorithms for data gathering in networks with background communications
    Joanna Berlińska
  • Primal Heuristics and Dual Bounds for 0-1 Quadratic Optimization Problems with Linear Constraints
    Monique Guignard, Aykut Ahlatcioglu and Jongwoo Park
  • Two Column Generation based Heuristics for Optimal Toll Enforcement
    Gerwin Gamrath, Markus Reuther, Thomas Schlechte and Elmar Swarat
  • A Decomposition Approach to Solve the Selective Graph Coloring Problem in Perfect Graphs
    Oylum Şeker, Tinaz Ekim and Z. Caner Taşkın
  • Robust retrofitting planning under ambiguous endogenous uncertainty
    Xuan Vinh Doan
  • Computational Modeling and Analysis of G-quadruplex Structures
    Joanna Miskiewicz, Mariusz Popenda, Joanna Sarzynska, Maciej Antczak and Marta Szachniuk
  • N-way junction modeling and analysis
    Jakub Wiedemann, Maciej Milostan, Marta Szachniuk and Ryszard Adamiak
  • A new analysis of Work Stealing with latency
    Nicolas Gast, Mohammed Khatiri, Denis Trystram and Frederic Wagner
  • Location Problems with Continuous Demand on a Polygon with Holes: Characterising Structural Properties of Geodesic Voronoi Diagrams
    Thomas Byrne and Jörg Kalcsics
  • Scheduling to Minimize Total Completion Time under Position dependent and cumulative Rate-modifying Effects on a Single Machine
    Alan Soper and Vitaly Strusevich
  • An assignment-based continuous-time MILP model of the resource-constrained project scheduling problem
    Norbert Trautmann and Adrian Zimmermann
  • A Symmetryless ILP Formulation for the One-Dimensional Bin Packing Problem
    Khadija Hadj Salem and Yann Kieffer
  • The Path-TSP: new solvabe cases
    Eranda Cela, Vladimir Deineko and Gerhard Woeginger
  • Robust Submodular Maximization over Sliding Window
    Ruiqi Yang, Dachuan Xu, Yukun Cheng and Dongmei Zhang
  • Application of Quantum Modelling based Combinatorial Bilevel Optimization in Urban Road Transport Problem
    Nivedita Haldar, Sudip Patra and Chitresh Kumar
  • Transmission Line Route Planning: Algorithm Design and Structural Properties of Underlying Networks
    Bernhard Primas and Natalia Shakhlevich
  • An iterated local search algorithm for the multi-depot open vehicle routing problem
    José Brandão
  • Branch-and-cut for Multi-level Uncapacitated Facility Location Problems
    Ivan Contreras, Camilo Ortiz and Gilbert Laporte
  • Degeneracy in Vertex Enumeration: A Comparative Approach of Two Basis Oriented Pivoting Algorithms
    Dr. Sammani Danwawu Abdullahi
  • An Exact Parallel Objective Space Decomposition Algorithm for Solving Multi-objective Integer Programming Problems
    Özgü Turgut, Evrim Dalkiran and Alper Ekrem Murat
  • A heuristic for finding some sets of transitions of Petri net-based models of complex biological systems
    Kaja Chmielewska and Piotr Formanowicz
  • Minimal graphs for hamiltonian extension
    Christophe Picouleau, Marie-Christine Costa and Dominique de Werra
  • Optimal Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on Time Scale Theory
    Özkan Öztürk and Haci M. Güzey
  • Sport League Scheduling
    Tony Hürlimann
  • Network Function Placement with Server Reliability Considerations
    Mohammad Raayatpanah and Hossein Ghasvari
  • Adapting efficient TSP exact algorithms for large orienteering problems
    Gorka Kobeaga, María Merino and Jose A. Lozano
  • The Non-Linear Generalized Assignment Problem
    Claudia D'Ambrosio, Silvano Martello and Michele Monaci
  • A multi-portfolio approach to supply chain disruption management
    Tadeusz Sawik
  • Theory of Constraints Replenishment Solution for Perishable Items Supply Chains
    Harshal Lowalekar
  • A local search approximation algorithm for the uniform capacitated k-means problem
    Lu Han, Dachuan Xu, Donglei Du and Dongmei Zhang
  • Distribution-free Customer Demand Prediction
    Esther Mohr
  • Probabilistic analysis of the Two-Constraint Binary Knapsack Problem
    Krzysztof Szkatula
  • Market Basket Data Analysis for Grocery Store Layout Problem
    Elif Özgörmüş, Selahattin Akkaş and Erdem Aybek
  • A New Exact Algorithm for the Multidimensional Multiple-Choice Knapsack Problem
    Renata Mansini and Roberto Zanotti
  • Some bin-packing problems in telecommunication networks
    Eric Gourdin and Davi Castro-Silva
  • The Impact of the Trust Factor on Online Shopping Decisions
    Jedrzej Musial and Mario C. López-Locés
  • Planning and Scheduling in Open-Pit Mining
    Antonio Martinez-Sykora and Chris Potts
  • Non-linear Generalizations Algebraic Connectivity
    Uwe Schwerdtfeger
  • The Open Tour Traveling Salesmen Location Problem
    Igor Averbakh and Wei Yu
  • Combinatorial model of proteins and RNA
    Piotr Lukasiak
  • Single track railway scheduling problem
    Grzegorz Pawlak, Jacek Błażewicz and Gaurav Singh
  • A 5-parameter complexity classification of the two-stage flow shop scheduling problem with job dependent storage requirements
    Yakov Zinder, Alexander Kononov and Joey Fung
  • On Inventory Control Policies within the Joint Inventory Location Problem: Modelling and Solution Approach
    Francisco J. Tapia-Ubeda and Pablo A. Miranda