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Scientific Program

The detailed program can be found here.


Thursday June 14th, 2018

8.00 - 12.00 (inside room A140)


8.30 - 9.00 (room A140)

Opening Session

9.00 - 10.00 (room A140)
(chair: Silvano Martello)

Plenary talk: Christos Papadimitriou
A computer scientist thinks about the brain

10.00 - 10.30

Coffee break

10.30 - 12.10 (room A140)
(chair: Esther Mohr)

Harshal Lowalekar
Theory of Constraints Replenishment Solution for Perishable Items Supply Chains

Elif Özgörmüş, Selahattin Akkaş and Erdem Aybek
Market Basket Data Analysis for Grocery Store Layout Problem

Jedrzej Musial and Mario C. López-Locés
The Impact of the Trust Factor on Online Shopping Decisions

Francisco J. Tapia-Ubeda and Pablo A. Miranda
On Inventory Control Policies within the Joint Inventory Location Problem: Modelling and Solution Approach

10.30 - 12.10 (room B130)
(chair: Marta Szachniuk)

Malgorzata Sterna
Late Work and Early Work Scheduling on Parallel Machines

Klaus Jansen and Felix Land
Scheduling Monotone Moldable Jobs in Linear Time

Ishai Kones and Asaf Levin
A unified framework for designing EPTAS's for load balancing on parallel machines

Yakov Zinder, Alexander Kononov and Joey Fung
A 5-parameter complexity classification of the two-stage flow shop scheduling problem with job dependent storage requirements

10.30 - 12.10 (room C130)
(chair: Tony Hürlimann)

Mohammadreza Galavii
The inverse p-maxian problems

Jörg Kalcsics and Antonio Rodríguez-Chía
Minmax Regret Maximal Covering Location Problems on Networks with Edge Demand

Thomas Byrne and Jörg Kalcsics
Location Problems with Continuous Demand on a Polygon with Holes: Characterising Structural Properties of Geodesic Voronoi Diagrams

Ivan Contreras, Camilo Ortiz and Gilbert Laporte
Branch-and-cut for Multi-level Uncapacitated Facility Location Problems

10.30 - 12.10 (room D130)
(chair: Pierre Hauweele)

Oylum Şeker, Tinaz Ekim and Z. Caner Taşkın
A Decomposition Approach to Solve the Selective Graph Coloring Problem in Perfect Graphs

Christophe Picouleau, Marie-Christine Costa and Dominique de Werra
Minimal graphs for hamiltonian extension

Gauvain Devillez, Pierre Hauweele, Alain Hertz and Hadrien Mélot
Minimizing the eccentric connectivity index with a fixed number of pending vertices

Eunjeong Yi
Broadcast domination in permutation graphs

14.00 - 15.00 (room A140)
(chair: Bernard Ries)

Plenary talk: Daniel Kuhn
From Data to Less Data to Decisions

15.10 - 16.00 (room B130)
(chair: Malgorzata Sterna)

Jakub Wiedemann, Maciej Milostan, Marta Szachniuk and Ryszard Adamiak
N-way junction modeling and analysis

Kaja Chmielewska and Piotr Formanowicz
A heuristic for finding some sets of transitions of Petri net-based models of complex biological systems

15.10 - 16.00 (room C130)
(chair: Eric Gourdin)

Xuan Vinh Doan
Robust retrofitting planning under ambiguous endogenous uncertainty

Bernhard Primas and Natalia Shakhlevich
Transmission Line Route Planning: Algorithm Design and Structural Properties of Underlying Networks

15.10 - 16.00 (room D130)
(chair: Michal Stern)

Mercedes Landete and Juan Francisco Monge
Rankings subsets of a set from a single ranking of its elements

Sammani Danwawu Abdullahi
Degeneracy in Vertex Enumeration: A Comparative Approach of Two Basis Oriented Pivoting Algorithms

16.00 - 16.30

Coffee break

16.30 - 18.10 (room B130)
(chair: John Gauci)

Luka Borozan and Slobodan Jelić
Integer Linear Programming methods for Group Steiner Tree and related problems

Michal Stern, Nili Guttmann-Beck and Zeev Sorek
Clustered Spanning Tree - Conditions for Feasibility

Uwe Schwerdtfeger
Non-linear Generalizations Algebraic Connectivity

16.30 - 18.10 (room C130)
(chair: Christophe Picouleau)

Alain Hertz
An IP-based algorithm for the metric dimension problem in hypercubes

Lu Han, Dachuan Xu, Donglei Du and Dongmei Zhang
A local search approximation algorithm for the uniform capacitated k-means problem

Ruiqi Yang, Dachuan Xu, Yukun Cheng and Dongmei Zhang
Robust Submodular Maximization over Sliding Window

16.30 - 18.10 (room D130)
(chair: Monique Guignard)

Andrei Nikolaev
On the skeleton of the polytope of pyramidal tours with step-backs

Peter Greistorfer, Moritz Kettele and Rostislav Staněk
An ILP-based improvement method for the travelling salesman problem

Gorka Kobeaga, María Merino and Jose A. Lozano
Adapting efficient TSP exact algorithms for large orienteering problems


Friday June 15th, 2018

9.00 - 10.00 (room A140)
(chair: Alain Hertz)

Plenary talk: John Gauci
Super-connectivity and super-edge-connectivity of graphs

10.00 - 10.30

Coffee break

10.30 - 12.10 (room A140)
(chair: Marino Widmer)

Yuval Cohen, Ran Etgar and Francesco Pilati
Stopping Technique for Search-Based Combinatorial Optimization

Saranthorn Phusingha and Jörg Kalcsics
Meta-Heuristics for Multi-Period Sales Districting Problem

José Brandão
An iterated local search algorithm for the multi-depot open vehicle routing problem

Esther Mohr
Distribution-free Customer Demand Prediction

10.30 - 12.10 (room B130)
(chair: Chris Potts)

Cinna Seifi and Jürgen Zimmermann
Job scheduling with simultaneous assignment of machines and multi-skilled workers: a mathematical model

Jędrzej Marszałkowski and Maciej Drozdowski
Multi-instalment divisible loads scheduling on heterogeneous hierarchical memory systems for time and energy criteria

Joanna Berlińska
Scheduling algorithms for data gathering in networks with background communications

Norbert Trautmann and Adrian Zimmermann
An assignment-based continuous-time MILP model of the resource-constrained project scheduling problem

10.30 - 12.10 (room C130)
(chair: Bo Chen)

Özkan Öztürk and Haci M. Güzey
Optimal Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on Time Scale Theory

Grzegorz Pawlak, Jacek Błażewicz and Gaurav Singh
Single track railway scheduling problem

Nivedita Haldar, Sudip Patra and Chitresh Kumar
Application of Quantum Modelling based Combinatorial Bilevel Optimization in Urban Road Transport Problem

Szymon Wasik, Maciej Antczak, Jan Badura, Artur Laskowski and Krzysztof Wędrowicz
Optil.io: Crowdsourcing Platform for Solving Optimization Problems

10.30 - 12.10 (room D130)
(chair: Jacek Blazewicz)

Marta Szachniuk, Maciej Antczak and Tomasz Zok
RNA structure reparation with combinatorial algorithms

Tomasz Zok, Maciej Antczak, Michal Zurkowski, Mariusz Popenda, Jacek Blazewicz, Ryszard Adamiak and Marta Szachniuk
RNA Pseudoknot Analysis: A Graph-Coloring Approach

Joanna Miskiewicz, Mariusz Popenda, Joanna Sarzynska, Maciej Antczak and Marta Szachniuk
Computational Modeling and Analysis of G-quadruplex Structures

Piotr Lukasiak
Combinatorial model of proteins and RNA


Social activity


Gala dinner


Saturday June 16th, 2018

9.00 - 10.00 (room A140)
(chair: Dominique de Werra)

Plenary talk: Yves Crama
Reformulations of nonlinear binary optimization problems

10.00 - 10.30

Coffee break

10.30 - 12.10 (room A140)
(chair: Grzegorz Pawlak)

Elisabeth Rodriguez-Heck, Endre Boros and Yves Crama
Linear and quadratic reformulation techniques for nonlinear 0-1 optimization problems

Monique Guignard, Aykut Ahlatcioglu and Jongwoo Park
Primal Heuristics and Dual Bounds for 0-1 Quadratic Optimization Problems with Linear Constraints

Claudia D'Ambrosio, Silvano Martello and Michele Monaci
The Non-Linear Generalized Assignment Problem

Özgü Turgut, Evrim Dalkiran and Alper Ekrem Murat
An Exact Parallel Objective Space Decomposition Algorithm for Solving Multi-objective Integer Programming Problems

10.30 - 12.10 (room B130)
(chair: Yves Crama)

Gur Mosheiov, Assaf Sarig and Vitaly Strusevich
Minmax Scheduling and Due-Window Assignment with Position-Dependent Processing Times and Job Rejection

Alessandro Agnetis, Bo Chen, Gaia Nicosia and Andrea Pacifici
Price of Fairness in Two-Agent Single-Machine Scheduling Problems

Nicolas Gast, Mohammed Khatiri, Denis Trystram and Frederic Wagner
A new analysis of Work Stealing with latency

Alan Soper and Vitaly Strusevich
Scheduling to Minimize Total Completion Time under Position dependent and cumulative Rate-modifying Effects on a Single Machine

10.30 - 12.10 (room C130)
(chair: Xuan Vinh Doan)

Leah Epstein
Batched bin packing

Krzysztof Szkatula
Probabilistic analysis of the Two-Constraint Binary Knapsack Problem

Renata Mansini and Roberto Zanotti
A New Exact Algorithm for the Multidimensional Multiple-Choice Knapsack Problem

Eric Gourdin and Davi Castro-Silva
Some bin-packing problems in telecommunication networks

10.30 - 12.10 (room D130)
(chair: Christophe Picouleau)

Tony Hürlimann
Sport League Scheduling

Antonio Martinez-Sykora and Chris Potts
Planning and Scheduling in Open-Pit Mining

Gerwin Gamrath, Markus Reuther, Thomas Schlechte and Elmar Swarat
Two Column Generation based Heuristics for Optimal Toll Enforcement

Clea Martinez, Marie-Laure Espinouse and Maria Di Mascolo
Polynomial subcases of the home health care routing and scheduling problem with fixed services

12.10 - 12.30 (room A140)

Closing session